A new guy message to old Kos Diarists about Hazing

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I can be friendly. See?
Ok. I'm a new guy here. Yesterday, I wrote a diary that was not to everybody's taste.

To those who offered sincere links and insight to help me integrate with the culture of this particular community, I say thank you.

To those who treated me like a frat boy hazing, you should be ashamed; and I’m calling you out.

There is a sickness in human psyche that makes entrenched people pick at a new person to humiliate and denigrate. (It is called a pecking order for a reason).

<p>What many of you offered yesterday was not constructive criticism, but rather a hazing. Let me show some examples of a hazing:

The best way to "fix" this diary(0+ / 0-) would be to delete the whole thing, ASAP.

And good luck having anyone believe someone registered on the site since December 2012 (UID: 642453) does not know very well what HR means

Not banned yet?(2+ / 0-) One l two ns isn't really enough.

you lost me at...(1+ / 0-) "Hey! I have 490 feet of rope to hang these clowns". {video clip of Von Traps singing ‘so long farewell’} It's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been real fun. Good luck on your next blog.

Again, to those commenters who offered a genuine opinion, I say thank you. This diary is NOT about you.

To those 'old timey' Kos-ites who consider hazing important - I say go to hell. You are not the voice of Kos. It is his media site. He obviously can ban me. To be honest, my life has been physically dangerous, so getting thrown out of a website is not a biggie. The Internet is huge. Perhaps I don't belong here. However, neither do those who write passive-aggressive hazing in comments as part of a societal need to bully the new kid on the block.

Let me explain how Internet hazing works:

1. You offer a single word, insider, rebuke such as; "HR". This is designed to show all the old schoolyard bullies that you are part of the inner circle. It is supposed to leave the new guy disoriented and confused. What the hell does that mean to a new guy? “HR”. It doesn’t mean a thing.

2. You harangue the new guy about minor details that are inconsequential:  "You had an account since 2012, so you are just a troll if you make diaries we don't like." Well, I have lots of accounts. I've been READING Daily Kos since 2012. Now I'm WRITING diaries at Kos. Why would I 'know' the 'rules' about writing here?

3. You try to shame me with infractions of the rules and falsely accuse me out of context, and speak in proxy for the owner of the site. So, I read the information and the instructions by Kos which says (in part).

This does not mean that all forms of cartoon violence, literary references, metaphors and the like are barred.  
You line up as a gang, and chant my violation like an entrench panel of inquisitors sitting judgment upon ivory towers.
Metaphor: I start my diary with a call for obedience to the law. I make a metaphor comparing frontier justice of lynching to the extortion of shutting down the government. I finish the metaphor with a CLEAR directive that both lynching and extortion are wrong. End Metaphor.

Anyway, I took the time to read many of your diary entries. I found the following violations that you decadently allow yourselves in your own diaries:
"Let's bloody some noses..."
"Our targets are..."
"We should twist arms..."
Have you ever bloodied noses, or broken arms? I have. I assure you those are brutal and violent affairs. What I have not ever done is formed a lynch mob. Your calls for violence are common actualities. My metaphor is dark – but I've never actually seen or heard it done personally. So, consider the construction of your own blogs more carefully, if you are going to go out of your way to find exception with mine.

Lastly, my humor is dark because my life has been dark. My writings are earthy, dangerous and aggressive because that is what life has handed me.

However, I do write best sellers. Its not spam to stand by my own books. It is spam if I start splashing them all over your own blogs. I am proud of my many works. My Extortion Politics was #16 in political humor yesterday - right in between Dave Barry and Glenn Beck. My Depression Symptoms Decoded is a look at the dark side of depression, and is also a best seller.

You bet I get returns on both of those because they are too strong for some readers. However, is depression just a sad little umbrella hopping around behind a weepy woman? Isn't depression dangerous, dark, and full of rage as well? Are politics just about holding a sign of protest, or also about the bloody reality of war? It is both things at the same time.

I've certainly had more loaded guns pointed at me than the average man. I was run-over and left for dead once; my blood splashed all over the road. The ultimate reward was 40% head trauma and temporal lobe damage I carry to this day. I spent 8.5 years on a missile division. You know that after a missile hit, the entire process is reviewed technically, over and over again?

"16 seconds to impact. Pitch, yaw, roll, azimuth, vibration, and size of detonation all monitored and re-analyzed."

That kind of stuff can mess up a mind -- but there are many others with even darker memories than mine. Are they not allowed to participate in liberalism? Must they all go to the Tea Party/Gun Nut crowd?

You don't like my diaries fine, don't read them. If you want to help me integrate a little better, I welcome the constructive criticism. Certainly, new diarists will definitely color outside the lines. Help them color a little better. Don’t try to shame them away in order to reinforce your little clique of established writers.

If you want to haze me, then I simply laugh at you. Really, I'm a tough S.O.B. and will stick around.  But it is certain that you hazed away gentler, better and kinder hearts than mine – and better than your’s as well.
I'm a rough MFR. My humor is dark. It is not for everybody. I was accused of misogyny because I directly quoted Michele Bachmann saying something about herself. This is not misogyny but political commentary. That said, there are those who read "50 Shades of Grey" and those who are "50 Shades of Grey". Nuf said about that.

Don’t haze.

Try to inform a new person.

Don’t think you are the voice of Kos, simply because you’ve been here a long time. Let him ban me if he wishes. It’s not your job to gleefully clap your hands on the sidelines and wish for the ax to fall upon the new kid’s neck (Not a call for violence. This is a metaphor)

Thank you again to those who offered information as well as criticism. Bring it, as I can handle it. grin

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I am proud of my books, and I'm willing to stand by them all.