A readers asks: About two weeks ago I noticed some lower back pain when standing up from sitting – why?


A young reader asks a questions about backpain from sitting:

About two weeks ago I noticed some lower back pain when standing up from sitting. Yesterday and today it hurts so bad to get up that I clench my teeth when I stand. It's so low that it's about where I'd think my tailbone is. It's not a large area that hurts its right in the middle(also why I think it might be my tailbone). I haven't fallen or been exercising excessively. It's about two inches down from the top of my butt. I am only 18 and relatively healthy.

From this question, it is easy to see that back pain even strikes the young. Eighteen years old, and sciatica is already causing such pain the reader is clenching her teeth in pain. My reply to the pain sufferer reads in part:
It is probably a form of sciatica. Quoting from "Top Ten Cures for Back Pain"
"Sitting correctly, with good posture, has more pressure on the spine then standing. It is easy to understand when you recall that the tailbone is transmitting all the pressure of the chair into the spine.
When you sit the pressure goes straight from the chair into your spine. Your butt muscles aren’t much help in distributing the spinal load while seated. Also, butt muscles house the sciatic nerves, and these are pinched by the weight of sitting.

A 20 degree slouch in sitting makes spinal pressure go up 185% when compared to standing."