A twisted history of American in the dark – electricity and ACA

Lady Liberty Got Some Energy
The history of electricity in America carries some weight for the United States as the Federal Government dies a painful death at the hands of the GOP and rabid Tea Party zealots. The chief of whom is a lobbyist named Grover Norquist.

Oh, by the way. Grover Norquist often boasted:

"I'm not in favor of abolishing the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."
It is strange to me that a handful of zealots in the government hate and scorn the government in which they work. This is a self-loathing denoting the minds of true psychopaths.

Anyway, remember when America did not have electricity from coast to coast? Well, imagine if it still didn’t. That was the story only 90 years ago, and many political foes fought to leave the nation in darkness.

The entire ‘rural electrification’ discussion is germane because the issue of shutting down our modern government over a social benefit program is the same argument fought 90 years ago.

It was ‘electricity benefits’ 90 years ago. Today it is ‘health care benefits’.

The point of either battle was simply because some thugs hate ANY kind of social benefit at all. Electricity or Health. (Ms. Bachmann – germane does not mean German. It means relevant… er… useful.)

However, rather than opposing rural electrification, the new battle ground is the ‘Affordable Care Act’. Keep in mind it is already a law. It is also known as ACA, and alternately by Obamacare – although it was actually Mitt Romney who drafted the plan, but who’s counting.

Wait! I’m a satirist and I’m counting! It was Mitt Romney! But I digress.

ACA is already a law. That means, it is already a law.

The House and Senate ALREADY passed the bill. The President ALREADY signed it into law. And the Courts have ALREADY upheld the law.

The Republican justification in shutting down the government is to throw out this law. They feel morally superior for stopping everything in order to get their way. They feel that is patriotism.

Well, no. That is blackmail.

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