A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

I recently attended the Gallery event of Master Painter, John Grimball at the Art Affair Gallery Lakeway. The gallery is so tres chic and beautiful as to merit a separate discussion, but for the moment I can’t get John’s canvases out of the eye of my mind.

As a writer, I need to step away from my little writing world and experience new art, new perspectives and inspiring events. The whole “all work and no play makes Steve a dull boy” preventative sanity check; which is cured by the muse of other artists. The mastery of other inspired hearts expands my mind and clears my soul. This is good for my writing. This is good for me.

So, I like to attend gallery opening events because the artist is most often present – and John did not disappoint. Amidst the fine wine, cheese and live music, I was able to spend some time with John exploring his works and getting a glimpse into his muse – again I was not disappointed.

Right away, I was stunned by the expansive canvas size and bold use of color in John’s paintings. His canvas real-estate, deliciously large, allows for an attention to detail that invites the e