A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

ye to explore. Forgive the small size of the thumb-nails in my article as they fail to capture the power of Grimball’s often surrealistic work – much in the same way that a photograph fails to capture the solemn tranquility of a rich, deep forest.

John wandered over to visit with me as I studied a large canvas called “Paddock House”. John had an easy Southern charm about him, and a quick smile to compliment his nature. I immediately thought to myself that he was no tortured artist, but somebody with a deep eye for the world. Later I learned that my initial impression was both right and wrong. John was a true Southern gentleman, but he faced a dark and painful period in his life. This period explained why some of his canvases have a hint of “Freda” about them – a ghostly reminder that injuries leave a mark deep in the psyche of humanity.

However, even the canvases that explorer pain, have a surprising power of hope and rebirth about them in their bold bright colors. In fact, John’s work has a character that demands a bit of study. The sharp contrast of color and edgework is powerful – a chiaroscuro t