A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

ype of edging that make central images pop, but also pulls the entire art out of the canvas.

So accurate is John’s mastery of painting that a few works demanded I study them from side to side to see if the canvas was altered to be 3D. For example, the fan in his “Geisha” is so accurate that I foolishly spent time going from side to side to see if my eyes were playing tricks; and perhaps the canvas was raised. Even after my mind accepted the fact of Grimball’s mastery of light and shadow, I sheepishly looked one last time at the “Geisha” fan before I left the gallery that night!

A subtle and consistent theme in John’s work is the use of sky. Even his architectural work “Paddock House”, which at first glance has only a sliver of sky peeking out from the left corner, has more sky than I initial noticed at a casual glance. After a few minutes of study I realized that rolling clouds were reflected in the great windows of that work. Clouds were found even in the architecture of the buildings!

Sky and light are definitely John’s purview. “Patio Picker & Blues Cat” is one of the few works that see