A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

ming has no sky at all; however, after a careful survey I realized the subjects are awash in sunlight, and the chiaroscuro certainly paints a bright, clear sky. I felt the Texas roots of this artist shined through in this work. Texas is further evident in his series of bright cow-girls (all featuring bright bold reds and complementary blues in the smiling energy of his lively cowgirls. Ah, Texas! You’ve got to love this State.)

As we chatted about John’s international travels – his sales in Europe of so many canvases – to his subject matter of fine Italian history, I was enlighten and lifted by his gentle and intelligent nature.

The conversation circled back around to a series of paintings that I felt had a shade of “Freda” about them. John explained that he painted that series during a period when he faced life changing surgeries and doubts about his health –– even his survival. I was stunned because I found the works full of promise and hope.

Perhaps that is what John Grimball delivers best in his mastery of oil paint, light and color –– the power of hope.

Much success in life.

Stephen Paul West