A young 16 year old girl suffering from Back Pain

We all assume back pain is a problem for older adults, or those who have been in accidents. However, even teenagers are susceptible to the agonizing pain of sciatica and back pain.

In this readers' forum a 16yr-old reports agonizing pain, and asks how to get relief. You can read her question and my reply below:


Severe back pain, wont go away?

I'm 16, and 5'10 female...so pretty tall. For years I've always had some sort of back pain, I just put it down to the fact that I'm growing. But for the last few months the pain has gone from a 3 to 8 out of 10. I don't have a job so I can't blame it on working tohard,Ican often just sit down and the pain increases. I have told my parents and they just tell me to suck it up..the pain is mostly at the bottom of my spine and sometimes rises to the middle of my back. Any suggestion on what to do to prevent this, a side note- my mattress isn't causing this problem, I've tried a dozen mattresses but the pain has never decreased.

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Well, a condition called "sciatica" is aggravated by sitting. The sciatic nerve is in your lower back and when you sit it compresses that nerve and it really hurts. There are a lot of stretches you can do that make more room forthatnerveand often cure your condition. Look up piriformis stretch for one example. To quote from "Top Ten Cures for Back Pain"

The sciatic nerve is about as big as your thumb. That’s one HUGE nerve! Normally, we think of nerves as microscopic cells. However, the sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the human body. In fact, the middle cord on the back of your knee (you know, that tickle spot), that cord behind the knee is the sciatic nerve. It’s a biggun right?

The sciatic nerve runs through the very narrow spinal column and into the muscles of the back. The sciatic nerve is surrounded by muscles and overworked ligaments. It’s in a high risk area by necessity of design.

The sciatic nerve communicates a ton of information about your lower body. It even communicates sexual functions like good erections, or a proper female orgasm. The sciatic nerve communicates a ton of information every second of every day.

When it is pinched, it communicates a ton of pain in proportion to its huge size. When it is impinged, some things can stop working entirely; in worse case, sciatica will prevent walking, sexual function, and bowel movements.

A bad back is nothing to ignore.


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