Best-Selling Book on Sciatica Cure still on the charts in medical books

I have a best seller in Medical Books. Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain, has been on the best seller list since April when I released the book.

I never thought I would place in medicine when I started writing. I published one book in 2011 (Blood and Venom), and six books in 2012.

Only 2 books so far this year, but one best-seller in a genre I never dreamed when I started.

The joy is sometimes in the journey an’ the path the cosmos provides beyond our conscious thought.
<br/> This year I will start a video series on the Sciatica book, as well as some narration of my other works, such as Depression Symptoms Decoded.

I am grateful for all the readers who support my works. I enjoy each email (good or bad) that is delivered to me.

Thanks much, and I will continue to write because of you!