Candy Crush Level 33 Tricks to Win.

Candy Crush broke my heart on level 33. Broke it... sniff... good thing I had a sultry book to calm my nerves.

I finally won this tortuous level #33 of Candy Crush.

I did this without purchasing any thing.

I won without any power candies, except those I made in the level by connecting 4 in a row.

Here are my tricks in brief.These only work on a cell phone and not on a computer.

1. Hit play and select the level 33 but DON'T TOUCH A SINGLE CANDY.

2. Look it over closely. Does it have 2 immediate possibility of 4 in a row?

No? Then hit back on your cell phone to exit the game. This will keep your life.

3. Toggle back and forth from step 1 and 2 until you DO have 2 rows that can be converted to 4 in a row. Now start this level.

4. First crush the lines that have 4 in a row. Do it in a way to preserve both super-candies.

5. Then work on the BOTTOM two cells. Always move crush into the jelly. Don't crush the edges as it doesn't break jelly. If you must crush an empty border, crush the bottom edge as that will drop down a row.

6. Move the large power candies into jelly rows to detonate them, as this will burst a whole row of candy. Use the power candies as much as possible. Always look for ways to make 4 candies into a power candy.

7. Look for ways to make two rows of candy pop at once with a single move that aligns two types of candies.

Again - focus on the bottom two cells. Focus on jelly only. Each pop should break a jelly. Use power candies. Toggle back and forth in your cell phone to pick the best possibility of victory.

Good luck. If these tips helped you please purchase one of my many books to thank me. Much success!