Candy Crush Level 33 Tricks to Win.

Candy Crush broke my heart on level 33. Broke it... sniff... good thing I had a sultry book to calm my nerves.

I finally won this tortuous level #33 of Candy Crush.

I did this without purchasing any thing.

I won without any power candies, except those I made in the level by connecting 4 in a row.

Here are my tricks in brief.These only work on a cell phone and not on a computer.

1. Hit play and select the level 33 but DON'T TOUCH A SINGLE CANDY.

2. Look it over closely. Does it have 2 immediate possibility of 4 in a row?

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Internet Discussion of Israel Right of Existence.

Recently, I was in an internet discussion about Jewish existence in the Judea area of the Middle East. The discussion revealed deep seated errors in popular thinking as well as a clear AntiSemetic slant. I am posting the conversations below in entirety (minus any vulgarity).

This thread was in reply to the Reuters article Israel’s ex-security chief says Netanyahu wavering and weak:

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