Death Panels For ACA – Yeah its called the GOP.

America Is Still a Land of Hope
ACA might actually succeed if given an honest chance and some good oversight. The future is never certain on brand new laws. However, what is certain is that a government can’t give services to citizens if a cult of law-makers work outside the bounds and act in concert to murder ACA.

Yes, there is a death panel for the ACA - and its the Tea Party Caucus. Existing laws become defunct when lawmakers make it impossible for those laws to function.

<p>To the anti-ACA crowd -- Grover Norquist and his crew, blackmail is the only solution. This LAW doesn’t satisfy these elitist (rich… did I mention rich?) pirates, so they seize the nation by the throat.

First-Mate Bachmann is not alone on the hijacking and piracy. She has other bright lights celebrating her narrow point of view. Ted Cruz? Koch brothers? Norquist? Yes. Yes. Yes and yes to others of small ideas and small ethics.

There is a deathpanel of government officials and abusive money-mongers working hard to kill something that would work if supported, might work if unsupported; but is in trouble of failure when assassinated with dishonest, backroom politicking.

How about this answer when asked if it’s okay for the nation to go into default at the hands of the Tea Party Caucus blackmailers:

"We don't know, we haven't ever done it," Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, told ABC News, when asked what happens when the nation defaults.
Well, I’ve never cut off my thumbs before either –– but I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea.

These legislators are so clueless to reality they don’t understand running the nation requires both cash, and a functional government.

Even that fundamental concept cannot find root in the dust-bowl of their synapses.