How do I release my anger, without hurting anyone?

Anger is huge component of human history. It is widely taught in modern society that anger is 'wrong', 'shameful' or 'childish'.

The fact is that anger is often righteous, as the Bible says. However, knowing when to be angry and how to direct that anger towards a solution is difficult. A reader asked an important question about how to manage anger in a family situation.


I....have a few family issues. And, I find my self with a LOT of pent up anger quite often. If someone could tell me how to release it (Without crying) I think i'd owe you my life.

My reply to this deeply personal question:

My doctors provided immediate solutions once I made an appointment for the rage. I remember calling for the appointment and saying directly, “I have to get my rage under control. I have no other reason for the appointment.” I was brutally honest with myself. This resulted in a prescription that really helped me immediately.

Now I am better. I’m happy to say police officers don’t point weapons at my face during traffic stops any longer. I am now polite, intelligent and well able to negotiate the stress of a traffic stop. This was not always the case early after I was a victim of being run over.

The undiagnosed medical reasons for rage are a major problem. An article in NY Times, reports:

''The brain basis for violent rage often goes unrecognized, and a great many patients with the problem are being given improper care,'' said Dr. Yudofsy, chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medical School. ''This has been a huge unsolved problem for psychiatry.''