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ver, the citizens of Israel only wish to trade, build and live peacefully. The death threats are clearly Jihadist. The constant friction and hate is clearly Jihadist. I support Israel because they don’t vow to ‘push the Arabs into the sea and kill them all.’ Or, as the current Hamas leader in the Gaza strip proudly claims: “I dream of hanging a huge map of the world on the wall at my Gaza home which does not show Israel on it.”
Also, this constant blame of the ‘Western Domination’ is so lame as to be cowardly. Again, America would love to just travel, take pictures, trade and live peacably. The Muslim religion forbids friendship with ‘infidels’ and also says all unbelievers must be killed, or made to pay a Jizya (a tax to Muslims for the sin of unbelief.)


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You are incorrect when you say J-ws have lived in Palestine for 2500 years. They were kicked out by Romans, and renamed the later Palestine (roman for Philistine) . Later when Rome became Christian, the Christians kept the ban on J-ws from entering Jerusalem. It was only after Arabs defeated the Romans and conquered Jerusalem, Omar ibn al-khattab (he build the mosque with golden dome) opened the door for J-ws to enter Jerusalem. Many J-ws saw him as the Messiah because of the belief that they will no enter the promised land till the return of Messiah, and he will take them to the promised land. The J-ws have lived in Palestine since the last 1400 years (again minus the brief Christian crusader rule was brief and bloody and every #$%$ and Muslim and also native Christians was killed). You can read Arab history by any, I repeat ANY, western or Zionist historian. All agree to these facts.

Stephen Paul West1 min 51 secs ago

@speakup. What are you talking about? King David was J-wish. He lived in Israel around 1040BCE. That’s easily 3000+ years of J-wish people living in Judea. The J-wish people have always been persecuted and dispersed to other lands. (Babelonians, Romans, Christians, Muslims, etc)
However, there most certainly was/is always been J-wish people living in Israel.Judea has distinctive cultural roots to the J-wish people. Not the Muslims, who took it by sword. Mecca and Medina for the Muslims. Jereusalem for the J-wish.
The question of modern Israel greatly transcends a discussion of religion. The Jihadist will kill everybody in Israel without regard to religion, but rather citizenry. This is why Palistinians are so dead-set against integration with the modern Israeli society. The Muslim Imams are filled with hate, and wish only for war, so by keeping segregation alive, they keep the nexus of hate alive.