Knights who are warriors never have shining armor. Parade day warriors are not heroes. Its the dirty knights who fight.

The world is far beyond needing a knight in shining armor. We need the knight with the battered, gouged and dented armor.

Send forth the knight who has seen defeat, and the crushing sorrow of loss - that broken knight who took his dirty, dented armor back into battle again after healing from defeat - just to carve out impossible victory. I want a knicked sword, polished to a sheen, but everything else needs the worn patina of battle-crush and scratches from the fight.

Modern hour drowns us in false heroes, with their too brilliant, polished smiles. Life is too easy for the rich politicians we elect. They can't even begin to image a single parent that needs just $5 to make it to the end of the week; just so that parent can get paid and fill up the car, buy some Ramen and make that new, last, $5 make it to the next payday. Rinse and repeat. You know, the battered knights that sacrifice daily, and know the stinging hollow of loss and sorrow.

Brett Cardon lives the life of a dented and bruised warrior. A young man lost in Victorian England. His greatest love - and strongest foe - is a girl haunted by her mother's ghost, hunted by the man who kidnapped her, and loves a gritting young knight.

Blood and Venom - Rise of the Maiden is the kind of Paranormal Thriller that will lift you up even in the harshest of struggles.

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