Kwenda Women Slaves of War is still on best-sellers list after 9 weeks!

My biographical fiction "Kwenda" is still selling briskly on non-fiction, global politics. More than NINE weeks in the top 100!     This story is the ultimate portrait of motherhoodandthestrugglewomen make during war just to protect their children.   I am pleased with its success and feel it is perhaps my finest work.   I am grateful to all my readers and hope this books puts a compelling love into your day. Stephen Paul West

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  1. Hi Stephen. This is Holly’s mum Claire. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for teihacng Holly and getting her though the exam first time. I think she is a competent little driver and very keen to improve. she wants to progress to the IAM probably in a year or so.Best wishesClaire

  2. It’s me, Reynold Bowen, and I am just finishing the last rertiwe of book 2, Deadly Complications’. My wife has to read it, and then it will be ready for my beta readers. Since my first book is starting to sell, I am now very excited about book 2. I have to have Murphy’s Law smack into Michelle LeGray from book 1, Altercations’, and i know that there will be many new characters, plus some surprises in Book 2. My cover artist will soon be working on book 2, and I hope to have a quaiinak on the cover. They really are scary. These books are for grownups, as children will definitely have nightmares from the story, but the book should be exciting enough for all the grown-ups who read book 1, or are even starting with book 2. I also hope that the sequel to Fateful Waters’ will be finished soon. I can’t wait to read it. Jackie has written enough sex and violence to keep any adult happy.

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