Making an Excel tab – a worksheet – default open everytime for everybody in SharePoint.

I have a complex spreadsheet that I use to track security and accounts for Team Foundation Server. I created a worksheet that has a linkable index to all the other tabs. This sheet I named "Index"

The problem is the spreadsheet does not open on my Index tab, but whatever somebody opened and saved it as last time. I need the "Index" tab to be default.

Well, the problem is the order you create the tabs is the order they are named in the code of the Workbook. Renaming the tabs from Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. does not actually change the coded order.

In my case, my "1.0 Index" tab was made later in the spreadsheet project. This means another tab was the default in the code.

I needed to change the code on the tabs, but how?

Right click on any tab - any tab - and select 'View Code"

The 'View Code' brings up the code on the actual Excel Worksheet. In my situation, you can see that I made a Tab called "1.0 Index". However, in the code that was listed as Sheet15. (your tabs will have a different order).

Rename the tabs to the correct order using the Properties box in the bottom table. You might have to fiddle with the Sheet## attributes to prevent a duplicate. But just change the Property "Sheet##" to the order you want.

Here I named by tab "1.0 Index" from Sheet15 to Sheet1.

Now my "1.0 Index" Tab Opens up by default. All users see this first: