Michele Bachmann. Not the mouthpiece but receptacle of the Tea Party

Pirate of Politics the Tea Party Caucus
I really want a balanced budget. I want responsible government.

However, I am not allowed to drive to Washington and take the Capital by force of blackmail.

I have to play by the rules.

Those rules are called LAW.

Affordable Care Act is already LAW.

However, Michele Bachmann and about 49 pirates (who worship a lobbyists named Grover Norquist, even if they all fuss at each other) actually had a little experiment in hijacking political systems earlier. These thugs managed to steal the Republican Party about a year before the Federal shutdown.

Once that scurvy crew mastered kidnapping a political party, they had the brute experience on how to take the nation.

Therefore a faction of the GOP redefines Constitutional methodology of bills becoming laws, by shutting down the government. Notice the GOP does not say the solution is not raising the debt ceiling. Ultimately, that is the only solution, even if ACA never existed.

Instead of democracy, though, 49 legislators are trying to void a law by blackmail. The Tea Party Caucus seized the budget, whereby a bunch of pirates blackmailed the ENTIRE nation to force a death to