Michele Bachmann. Not the mouthpiece but receptacle of the Tea Party

coercion as legitimate as the Tea Party Caucus extortion of legislated law?

The point is that criminal activity - calls for violence or for blackmail - are not acceptable. And no, I am not calling for violence.

• • • •

I realize there are some who will say that 49 people are not the problem. Well, I agree. It is 49 legislators, and, one lobbyist.

However, if I’m generous with the numbers I agree there might be even 100 Tea Party Caucus legislators who are forcing a nation into shutdown and brinksmanship of default.

I am not just an author. I am also a voter. In fact, I am an independent voter. I have voted for Republicans… in the past. But, the serious lack of control in the Republican party is stomach churning. What a bunch of limp Boehners. And nothing is as useless as a limp Boehner. When a Boehner can’t whip a party into shape, well it’s time for the party to turn off the lights and just go home.

For some reason the Republican party just doesn’t have the guts to stand up to these Tea Party Caucus cry-babies (my apology to Boehner who is the cry-baby champion of the world).

The fight isn’t about principles.

The fight is about ideology.

The danger is tha