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y won’t just “work themselves out.” And the injured are not just magically, “gonna be all right.”

This pioneering book will teach you to make depression symptoms into valuable allies; and in so doing you will be able to vanquish the tyrant of depression by assimilating it into your essence. This work is an extension of Jung’s dream analysis, but greatly expand to cover all the symptoms of depression: Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

Depression will not rule you. You will rule depression.

The reality is that the symptoms of depression are a normal and NECESSARY part of human behavior. We all need to weep, we all need to be isolated from time to time, we all have rage and other symptoms of depression. Fearing sorrow is not a healthy mindset, as it puts the emotion of depression over the identity of the person. A correct and healthy approach is to be in harmony with your depression.

Depression is VERY useful and not to be feared. Many good things come out of depression – the most obvious being a serious consideration of the realities of living. We are more thoughtful, analytical and cautious during depression. This is depression’s job!

However, by running away from the symptoms, we are failing to see depression as a tool for healing.

This work, Decoding Depression Symptoms After Injury is a pioneering solution of the overlooked obvious. You can totally harmonize your depression and rule it by using the information in this self-help book.

I truly am very sorry you’ve been injured. I wish it had never happened to you.

Much love.

Much peace.

Much joy and healing to you.

Stephen Paul West


Women Rights in modern war

Biographical Fiction of motherhood in war torn nations

Motherhood on the point of extinction. Modern warfare has no rules, no honor, and everywhere women pay the highest costs for their children.

A woman exists always, but a mother is made only the moment her baby is born.

What would you do to save your baby in the horrors of modern war?

Prepare for a book that will move you to the core. Kwenda is a woman like no other. Carried away by endless civil wars, and bought and sold by the most powerful warlords in the world. She fights with her heart against m