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en as hard and cold as stones. The events are real, only identities and locations have been changed to protect the innocent.

Kwenda, a captured woman of war, represents all the women torn apart in endless wars. Disobedience for them is met with horrible death.

These women are not wives, but innocent victims stolen by warlords and kept as slaves. This biographical fiction tells the harrowing tale of such a woman named “Kwenda”, and has elements of every major genocide in Africa in the last 20 years from Charles Taylor to Joseph Kony and all the warlords in between.

Kwenda is a word that means Journey in several dialects. She is the voice of many women crying out as a single, powerful soul. Kwenda’s life transcends all the women lost in wars to walk a single heart-breaking journey.

Lastly, in the need to protect many people, I changed names, places and created a fictional home country of Niruganya; which is an anagram of many of the countries where genocide have occurred. The reader must understand that many of these injuries are still not fully healed. If I used too accurate a brush to paint this sad story, then I might insight unnecessary violence.

The warlords were left with their names intact, so their shame might be evident. Only the innocent were protected.


Modern Psycho who believes he is a vampire

Best Selling Paranomal Thriller

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Craving something new, senseous and sophisticated in the paranormal genre?

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom series will give you a glimpse into paranormal culture not yet explored.
In the first years of the reign of Victoria, an infant girl is stolen from the dirty streets of London. For fifteen years she is held an unknowing prisoner by the captor she calls ‘father’.

Emily Black is haunted by her mother’s spirit and forced into drug addiction by her impostor father. The man she believes her father is a twisted soul practicing dark, occult vampire rites. Emily is his greatest treasure, and darkest magic – that is, until the day she escapes.

Based roughly on the complex secret societies that practice vampyre rites across Victorian England in the 1800’s. This is a terror more real than childhood stories. It is the Gothic paranormal story reborn!

Emily is driven into flight by her mother’s haunting just before