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her 16th birthday. A birthday that was to be her last. Every step for Emily Black is on the broken shards of death. Her survival is based only upon her strength, intelligence and passion of her heart.

Brett Cardon is the teenaged murderer she must embraced to make her escape. This boy makes her body alive, but she knows to always fear her traveling companion. The blood of the Picts still boils angry in his youthful veins.

Behind Emily and Brett a spiteful killer hunts there every step on the street of London. Marquess Alyn Black is a vampire like you’ve never experienced. Earthy, mortal and human – but with all the ritual and devotion of any vampire folklore. Discover a brand new vampire genre – a dark history that reaches back to the Strigoi of ancient Rome.

Embrace genuine paranormal horror in book one of a four-part saga.

“Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom” is book one.

Carnal men make themselves into cold, real and terrifying vampires. And one girl was stolen as an infant and raised to serve as sacrifice in the highest ritual. Her kidnapper tormented her to the brink of insanity. Drugs, blood and murder were the reckoning of her childhood.

Fall into a tangled web of paranormal that will snatch away your breath.


Mitt Romney Political Satire
Mitt Romney really is too weird to be President. This quick read takes a hilarious, satirical and informative romp through the mind of this Presidential wanna-be.

There is something afoul with Mitt when Hitler ends up in heaven, Afro-American’s are thought to be cursed by Cain (and really how many minority members does Mitt Romney have? I can count them on one hand even if four fingers are cut off); Women give men power with God by having kids;and a half dozen kooky ideas that form the vows of this HIGH PRIEST of MORMONISM

Mitt “High Priest” Romney…sigh

Sacred Magic Underwear? Yeah, I’m not making that one up. Its real if your Mormon, and Mitt wears it night and day if he’s a good Mormon.

This is just the beginning of the weird. This outlandish book is merely a faint reflection that is the weirdness of this candidate.

Enjoy a laugh. Consider your voting options carefully. And know that Mitt Romney really is a weirdo.

If your are weighing your options as an independent voter, this really is the book for you. Its short, fast and entertaining look under the skull-cap of Mitt Romney.