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Alternate History twenty years from today.

Peace comes to Gaza Strip but only after the brink of nuclear war.

The Peace of Gaza is only for the intellectually brave. The story will keep you riveted as three souls pour out their hearts in first person narrative. Who will live? Who will die? How deep is the thread that binds together a young nineteen year old girl, a retirement age American soldier, and an old Jihadist who has returned to find his paradise.The Peace in Gaza. Shocking. Stunning and Beautiful This is the most powerful story of how the Gaza Strip can finally find real and lasting peace. Prepare to be touched to your core. Three souls wander the very place where twenty years earlier the world was ending.

A nineteen year old girl searches Gaza City for the exact location where her father was killed twenty years earlier.

An old American soldier wanders the plaza in guard detail. His mind is filled with the war he fought at this very place twenty years earlier.

A lone Jihadist returns from exile to seek martyrdom on the very spot where the sword of Allah promised him his wildest dreams.

Three souls are fated to collide upon a single point of time and upon a single point on the earth.

Nuclear winter avoided by mere minutes. A father killed in the same time. A wild ride into an alternate history twenty-years from today. Peace dwells in Gaza City. In this history, three participants of the Gaza Strip discover that peace comes only with sacrifice. Sometimes the world must do something new and powerful to change constant and protracted war.

Re-Imagine future history. Twenty years from today. A history that is free of war in the Gaza Strip. A history with Peace in the City of Gaza


Cure your depression Fix your depression for the price of a deluxe Latte

You can be happy #3 in Self-Help for Depression Cure.

The surprising answer to banishing depression is found in the very symptoms you display. If you want to cure your depression you must first understand your symptoms. You must Decode YOUR Depression Symptoms After Injury! BUT HOW?

This book is for the injured. Soldiers blasted to pieces in combat. Children crushed in bicycle accidents. People taking bone shattering falls. Victims mugged and shot. Diabetes taking a limb. Lupus taking everything.

None of these things will ever “be okay”. They won’t just “work themselves out.” And the injured are not just magically, “gonna be all right.”

This pioneering book will teach you to make depression symptoms into valuable allies; and in so doing you will be able to vanquish the tyrant of depression by assimilating it into your essence. This work is an extension of Jung’s dream analysis, but greatly expand to cover all the symptoms of depression: Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

Depression will not rule you. You will rule depression.

The reality is that the symptoms of depression are a normal and NECESSARY part of human behavior. We all need to weep, we all need to be isolated from time to time, we all have rage and other symptoms of depression. Fearing sorrow is not a healthy mindset, as it puts the emotion of depression over the identity of the person. A correct and healthy approach is to be in harmony with your depression.

Depression is VERY useful and not to be feared. Many good things come out of depression – the most obvious being a serious consideration of the realities of living. We are more thoughtful, analytical and cautious during depression. This is depression’s job!

However, by running away from the symptoms, we are failing to see depression as a tool for healing.

This work, Decoding Depression Symptoms After Injury is a pioneering solution of the overlooked obvious. You can totally harmonize your depression and rule it by using the information in this self-help book.

I truly am very sorry you’ve been injured. I wish it had never happened to you.

Much love.

Much peace.

Much joy and healing to you.

Stephen Paul West


Women Rights in modern war

Biographical Fiction of motherhood in war torn nations

Motherhood on the point of extinction. Modern warfare has no rules, no honor, and everywhere women pay the highest costs for their children.

A woman exists always, but a mother is made only the moment her baby is born.

What would you do to save your baby in the horrors of modern war?

Prepare for a book that will move you to the core. Kwenda is a woman like no other. Carried away by endless civil wars, and bought and sold by the most powerful warlords in the world. She fights with her heart against men as hard and cold as stones. The events are real, only identities and locations have been changed to protect the innocent.

Kwenda, a captured woman of war, represents all the women torn apart in endless wars. Disobedience for them is met with horrible death.

These women are not wives, but innocent victims stolen by warlords and kept as slaves. This biographical fiction tells the harrowing tale of such a woman named “Kwenda”, and has elements of every major genocide in Africa in the last 20 years from Charles Taylor to Joseph Kony and all the warlords in between.

Kwenda is a word that means Journey in several dialects. She is the voice of many women crying out as a single, powerful soul. Kwenda’s life transcends all the women lost in wars to walk a single heart-breaking journey.

Lastly, in the need to protect many people, I changed names, places and created a fictional home country of Niruganya; which is an anagram of many of the countries where genocide have occurred. The reader must understand that many of these injuries are still not fully healed. If I used too accurate a brush to paint this sad story, then I might insight unnecessary violence.

The warlords were left with their names intact, so their shame might be evident. Only the innocent were protected.


Modern Psycho who believes he is a vampire

Best Selling Paranomal Thriller

Click the Cover to Purchase – $3.99 Kindle

Craving something new, senseous and sophisticated in the paranormal genre?

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom series will give you a glimpse into paranormal culture not yet explored.
In the first years of the reign of Victoria, an infant girl is stolen from the dirty streets of London. For fifteen years she is held an unknowing prisoner by the captor she calls ‘father’.

Emily Black is haunted by her mother’s spirit and forced into drug addiction by her impostor father. The man she believes her father is a twisted soul practicing dark, occult vampire rites. Emily is his greatest treasure, and darkest magic – that is, until the day she escapes.

Based roughly on the complex secret societies that practice vampyre rites across Victorian England in the 1800’s. This is a terror more real than childhood stories. It is the Gothic paranormal story reborn!

Emily is driven into flight by her mother’s haunting just beforeher 16th birthday. A birthday that was to be her last. Every step for Emily Black is on the broken shards of death. Her survival is based only upon her strength, intelligence and passion of her heart.

Brett Cardon is the teenaged murderer she must embraced to make her escape. This boy makes her body alive, but she knows to always fear her traveling companion. The blood of the Picts still boils angry in his youthful veins.

Behind Emily and Brett a spiteful killer hunts there every step on the street of London. Marquess Alyn Black is a vampire like you’ve never experienced. Earthy, mortal and human – but with all the ritual and devotion of any vampire folklore. Discover a brand new vampire genre – a dark history that reaches back to the Strigoi of ancient Rome.

Embrace genuine paranormal horror in book one of a four-part saga.

“Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom” is book one.

Carnal men make themselves into cold, real and terrifying vampires. And one girl was stolen as an infant and raised to serve as sacrifice in the highest ritual. Her kidnapper tormented her to the brink of insanity. Drugs, blood and murder were the reckoning of her childhood.

Fall into a tangled web of paranormal that will snatch away your breath.


Mitt Romney Political Satire
Mitt Romney really is too weird to be President. This quick read takes a hilarious, satirical and informative romp through the mind of this Presidential wanna-be.

There is something afoul with Mitt when Hitler ends up in heaven, Afro-American’s are thought to be cursed by Cain (and really how many minority members does Mitt Romney have? I can count them on one hand even if four fingers are cut off); Women give men power with God by having kids;and a half dozen kooky ideas that form the vows of this HIGH PRIEST of MORMONISM

Mitt “High Priest” Romney…sigh

Sacred Magic Underwear? Yeah, I’m not making that one up. Its real if your Mormon, and Mitt wears it night and day if he’s a good Mormon.

This is just the beginning of the weird. This outlandish book is merely a faint reflection that is the weirdness of this candidate.

Enjoy a laugh. Consider your voting options carefully. And know that Mitt Romney really is a weirdo.

If your are weighing your options as an independent voter, this really is the book for you. Its short, fast and entertaining look under the skull-cap of Mitt Romney.