Writing Tips from a Best Selling Author. The reality of idie writers

When I wrote my first novel 3 years ago, I had visions of writing the "All American Novel". Reality presented me with "Just an American Novel". Still, I did rather well -- and that book, "Blood and Venom" generated an opportunity to ghost-write a book for a family. I made more money writing the family biography than my novel!

However - I was hooked!

Three years later, I've finished my ninth book. I am finally figuring out my goals and marketing plan. Gone is the idea of NY Times Best Seller. Now, I just want to supplement my retirement in 20 years. That's it. And I'm happy with that idea. If I have 20 books (a reasonable number for me to write), I will bemakinganice

Best selling book Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain gives rise to Product website for pain relief.

Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain rocketed to the top 100 chart in sports medicine; and it has stayed on that best-selling list for seven months!

This book is not just for athletes though. All back sufferers are benefiting from the well written and concise tips for getting over back injury fast. The success of Top 10 Cures for Sciatica is because of the careful reviews of best products that provide pain relief. Many books on back pain talk about therapy, causes and doctors -- and this book covers those issues as well.


The true value of "Top 10 Cures For Sciatica" is the products evaluated. People are looking for immediate relief from back pain. Some of the items evaluated scientifically reduce back pain over 40% in studies.

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Women dressing in men’s boots.

I shoot a lot of grunge and indie photo-work.

Sometimes men's boots and shoes are perfect for a female look. There is some discussion on conversion of size. Well, we all know its best to actually try something on, but size conversion can be estimated pretty good.

One shopper writes: I do not know what size will be correct for women. I wear a size 10 1/2 in women's (US Sizing) , but prefer to buy size 11 shoes. Mostly men's sizes are two sizes lower than women's, so I chose men's size 9, but I want to be sure before I buy them. Thanks!

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Back relief for 20 year old male in good health. Sciatica problems in the healthy.

Today is the day for young people to write in about back pain. Here is a 20-something year old male worrying about Sciatica. I think worry is a problem to have so young, but fortunately a simple stretch (can you say free and fast) daily can prevent a lifetime of pain.

Here's the Q/A.


Can I get Sciatica pain? (from Zack)

Hello, to start I am an in shape 21 yea old male with no backpain history. I have had back pain for the past week plus, I had a bad deal with in september also. My back has a lot of tightness in it and some lower back pain. But the pain is not anything serious, I am able to go about my daily schedule without

A readers asks: About two weeks ago I noticed some lower back pain when standing up from sitting – why?


A young reader asks a questions about backpain from sitting:

About two weeks ago I noticed some lower back pain when standing up from sitting. Yesterday and today it hurts so bad to get up that I clench my teeth when I stand. It's so low that it's about where I'd think my tailbone is. It's not a large area that hurts its right in the middle(also why I think it might be my tailbone). I haven't fallen or been exercising excessively. It's about two inches down from the top of my butt. I am only 18 and relatively healthy.

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