Question on bad lower back pain with kidney infection.

As, I've written in the past, injury and illness, add to other issues for an individual. When one ailment multiplies another issue it is called 'comorbidity'.

So a question was asked:

Really bad lower back pain, kidney infection?

Ok so in the past year I have had around 10 kidney infections! and I currently have the pain now. The doctor has diagnosed it a few times and now I just use the 'trimethoprim' when I get the symptoms as I know that it's a kidney infection. Can this be a sign of something like kidney stones or something? What can be done? why is it caused? It's a constant flank pain in my lower back and abdomen, today I thought it were period pains but its not and I'm in absolute agony! can someone please help me or advise me?!!
My answer to the issue:
The “Straight Leg Test” (or Lasègue test) is an easy way to check for herniated discs. It has been around since, 1880 so there is a ton of reliable information about this test and it is really fast and easy.

In the Straight Leg Test, you lay down on your back and the doctor picks both of your legs up to the 90 degree position. Then you lower your legs (supported if necessary) and if you feel pain between 30 and 70 degrees (1 o’clock and 2 o’clock position), you most likely have a herniated disc. A variation is to lift the leg while sitting. However, this reduces the sensitivity of the test

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