Sciatica recovery when the pain diminishes a little.

Sciatica pain cooled down a bit, what to do now?

I have had sciatica for 8 weeks already and I don't know what to do to make it go away totally. My PT believe it is be a herniated disc said that I would heal 100% but after 8 weeks my moral is very low...

It got worse through some unfortunate event. I had a mild sciatica which inflamed when we had to move boxes to sell our home which then turned very bad and inflamed badly with my gluteus muscles pulling very tightly.

After weeks of PT and finally going to a GP last week to get stronger NSAID (ketoprofen). The sciatica doesn't hurt as much anymore, I still feel thatit's around the corner even when careful and I still get these symptoms:

- Sitting is very discomfortable, everytime I sit, I feel a sharp pain in my left buttock area. - If I lean on my left leg too much I also feel a bit of pain increasing and then I have to do some stretching. - My leg get numb when I stand up.
At the moment my strategy is to lie down when necessary with a large pillow under my legs and a foam cylinder cushion under my back.

If anyone went through these could you tell me what you did to go on your away to recovery.
I saw some exercices where you bend toward your leg to stretch the buttock but I amconcerned it might worsen things. Would you recommend to do that? (eg. sitting with legs straight and leaning body toward the legs)
It would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Details

I would say that the pain when it was really bad was 8-9 out of 10 and now it is only 1-3 at best, still I feel that if I sit for too long it could shoot back up.
I used heat and cold pack at least 10 times a day before and now I only use them once a day at most.
I feel it can heal but not sure what I can do to hasten the process.
I don't want to do surgery as I take that as the last resort but open to it if it becomes really debilitating.

2 days ago

1-3 might be because of the new NSAID but it would be much milder than what I had before

2 days ago

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