SharePoint QuickLaunch Modification and How To use Content Editor Web Part.

Let's say you want to make a change to the QuickLaunch menu for a single page on your SharePoint site. This sounds complex right? Well, it is as complex as you want to make the job.

However, for one-off changes to the content of a SharePoint page you can add a "Content Editor WebPart". You can find the "Content Editor" in the webparts screen. The Content Editor lets you add HTML into a page.

Site Actions --> Edit Page --> Insert --> Web Part

Once the Content Editor is inserted to a single page, you will need to add the HTML code you want for the change.

Since SharePoint uses CSS it will cascade through the CSS code, and finally wash over your HTML in the Content Editor.

This is a VERY ELEGANT solution to modifying the code on a single page --- however, it is not elegant for large scale modification of every page. Obviously, in those instances you should modify the CSS code to add the changes (or change the Master Pages in the $/14 hive for Site wide changes)

So, with the understanding that Content Editor is elegant in a one-off basis let me return to how to make a small change to the home page Quick Launch menu on my sites home page.

I want to add bold and change the color of the items in my Quicklaunch. Here's the before and after screen shots:

After I add the Content Editor Webpart to the page I click follow the instructions and "Edit this Web Part to add content to your page."

And then I use the ribbon at the top to select Editing Tools -->Format Text--> HTLM --> Edit HTML Source

Lastly, put in the code you want and then commit the changes using the Properties Menu on the right side of the screeen.

I found some nice code EndUserSharePoint.Com and I used the code to get the QuickLaunch menu changes I wanted

.s4-ql UL.root > LI > .menu-item{
font-weight:bold; color: black;
.s4-ql UL.root UL > LI > a{
font-weight:bold; color: grey;

Save the Code using the properties menu for the Content Editor and your changes should immediately reflect, or hit CTL+F5 to force a browser refresh.

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