Continuous back pain after a pulled muscle two years ago! Help!

I received a cry for help from a reader who hurt his back TWO years ago. It seems like the doctors are willing to keep looking at it, but they haven't offered any day-to-day solutions to removing the pain.

Fortunately, "Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" is a filled with ways to get daily pain relief.

Lower back pain????????

  • Rob asks-

I've had lower back pain for a while now. I have had x-rays and all that comes back is slightly mild scoliosis in my middle back but I am having trouble with my lower back. My doctor said that I had some muscle spasms and said that I pulled a lower back muscle and THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO! When I lay down on my stomach and release a breath my whole back aches like crazy. When my boyfriend rubs my back or even slightly touches my lower back it hurts so bad. Also if it helps any my hips hurt really bad at night. I can never get any sleep because my hips hurt so bad. My friend said something about a pinched nerve in her back that did that to her??? What could be doing this? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Any solutions?
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Best selling book Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain gives rise to Product website for pain relief.

Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain rocketed to the top 100 chart in sports medicine; and it has stayed on that best-selling list for seven months!

This book is not just for athletes though. All back sufferers are benefiting from the well written and concise tips for getting over back injury fast. The success of Top 10 Cures for Sciatica is because of the careful reviews of best products that provide pain relief. Many books on back pain talk about therapy, causes and doctors -- and this book covers those issues as well.


The true value of "Top 10 Cures For Sciatica" is the products evaluated. People are looking for immediate relief from back pain. Some of the items evaluated scientifically reduce back pain over 40% in studies.

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Sciatica recovery when the pain diminishes a little.

Sciatica pain cooled down a bit, what to do now?

I have had sciatica for 8 weeks already and I don't know what to do to make it go away totally. My PT believe it is be a herniated disc said that I would heal 100% but after 8 weeks my moral is very low...

It got worse through some unfortunate event. I had a mild sciatica which inflamed when we had to move boxes to sell our home which then turned very bad and inflamed badly with my gluteus muscles pulling very tightly.

After weeks of PT and finally going to a GP last week to get stronger NSAID (ketoprofen). The sciatica doesn't hurt as much anymore, I still feel that

Question on bad lower back pain with kidney infection.

As, I've written in the past, injury and illness, add to other issues for an individual. When one ailment multiplies another issue it is called 'comorbidity'.

So a question was asked:

Really bad lower back pain, kidney infection?

Ok so in the past year I have had around 10 kidney infections! and I currently have the pain now. The doctor has diagnosed it a few times and now I just use the 'trimethoprim' when I get the symptoms as I know that it's a kidney infection. Can this be a sign of something like kidney stones or something? What can be done? why is it caused? It's a constant flank pain in my lower back and abdomen, today I thought it were period pains but its not and I'm in absolute agony! can someone please help me or advise me?!!
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The facts of police seizures of Marijuana plants

Per an article in Yahoo. Police seized 1500 pot plants in Chicago and quote: “they [police] began to chop down about 1,500 marijuana plants that police said could have earned the growers as much as $10 million dollars

WOW! But let’s dig in deeper shall we?

Chris Tucker 50 millon dollars Who You Think You Got“$10,000,000 dollars! $10,000,000 dollars. Who you think you have? Chelsea Clinton!” Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2.


It is true that a farmer is lucky to make $1000 profit per acre, so this is a great deal for any farmer. This was just about 2 acres = $10,000,000 “police dollars” of drug seizure.

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