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Best-Selling books include:

The Peace Of Gaza (#2 in War and Peace)

Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be King – a satire placing no. 2 in politics

Depression Symptoms Decoded (best selling self-help to cure depression)

Mitt Romney Too Weird To Be President – a satire placing# 12 in politics

Kwenda – Women Slaves Of War (best selling biographical fiction in women’s issue)

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom (#38 in Paranormal Thrillers)

Best-Selling author of fiction and self-help books, Stephen Paul West, is an Austin artist offering stunning fine art prints.

Bright, vibrant and full of life to fill every decor with a bold celebration of life.Stephen Paul specializes in indie art and fashion, and prefers to present his work in photo narrative format – this means a story is told in the picture.

From beautiful to fanciful these prints are made for the brave and the bold of heart.You can visit his author’s profile at Author Stephen Paul West Stephen Paul West Best Selling Books

High Heel Shoes That Will Tie Up Your Heart, and your lover, This Fall

My research as an author leads me down some really dark and fun alleys. Well, my real life sometimes leads me into dark states as well *grin*.

Anyway, I found these awesome high heel lace boots that easily extend into the darker passions of humanity. The Japanese art of rope bondage is called Shibari, and it migrated to the US sometimes in the 70's. The bondage circuit adopts some of the art form of Shibari to make it more sexual.

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Strange Facts of Scotland and Women’s Deepest Desires.

As an author of best-selling chic-lit, I'm always researching details of my favorite subject - the hearts and minds of women.

And, daily I'm always stunned by some interesting detail. I found two amazing facts today:

1. The mythology of Scotland tells the story that the nation was founded by and EGYPTIAN princess named Scota (thus the name). Wait? What? I would never have put the two cultures together, but especially not the idea that Scotland was founded by a Daughter of Egypt. Perhaps this does explain the 'Pictish Dragon' that covers the Isle.

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