I have had some pain in my back after having my epidural,

Eva, a sciatica pain sufferer, asked a question about pregnancy and her epidural. The question of back pain during and after pregnancy is very common. "Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" is a best seller that helps anybody get back pain relief fast. The book is a best seller in sports medicine, but its information is definitely valuable for pregnancy back pain as well, as Eva asked below:

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Women dressing in men’s boots.

I shoot a lot of grunge and indie photo-work.

Sometimes men's boots and shoes are perfect for a female look. There is some discussion on conversion of size. Well, we all know its best to actually try something on, but size conversion can be estimated pretty good.

One shopper writes: I do not know what size will be correct for women. I wear a size 10 1/2 in women's (US Sizing) , but prefer to buy size 11 shoes. Mostly men's sizes are two sizes lower than women's, so I chose men's size 9, but I want to be sure before I buy them. Thanks!

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Best-Selling Book on Sciatica Cure still on the charts in medical books

I have a best seller in Medical Books. Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain, has been on the best seller list since April when I released the book.

I never thought I would place in medicine when I started writing. I published one book in 2011 (Blood and Venom), and six books in 2012.

Only 2 books so far this year, but one best-seller in a genre I never dreamed when I started.

The joy is sometimes in the journey an’ the path the cosmos provides beyond our conscious thought.
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Cure Sciatica with the Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain

Cure Sciatica

Fix your back pain fast with this best seller in Sports Medicine!

A list of ten ‘must haves’ to cure sciatica and back pain. Recovery from lower back pain and injury is difficult. This short self-help book presents the most powerful and effective ways to get pain relief fast! It is the ten best cures to recover from lower back injury and sciatic.

Nothing demoralizes and hurts like back pain. I should know. After a criminal ran me over and left me for dead, I developed repeated incidents of back pain that left me bed-ridden for days, weeks and occasionally months. I found the tricks and tips that work! So, I truly believe you can and WILL have a vibrant recovery.
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