Why main characters are often wooden in your fiction.

Have you ever notice that main characters in your story are often unlikable? Readers do not like a person in the book that you, as a writer, truly love. Why is this?

The problem is that novice writers often make the main character a veiled mask of their real identity. But, this sounds smart, right? It seems that casting yourself as the main character in disguise is the perfect way to write quickly. However, there is a HUGE pitfall in this approach.

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Kwenda Women Slaves of War is still on best-sellers list after 9 weeks!

My biographical fiction "Kwenda" is still selling briskly on non-fiction, global politics. More than NINE weeks in the top 100!     This story is the ultimate portrait of motherhoodandthestrugglewomen make during war just to protect their children.   I am pleased with its success and feel it is perhaps my finest work.   I am grateful to all my readers and hope this books puts a compelling love into your day. Stephen Paul West