Five Best Red Shoes of All Time

1. Jessica Rabbit- This toon made a big leap from mere cartoon to heart-throb. Her signature Red Heels were do die for (literally). There is nothing hotter than Jessica Rabbit. As she so aptly explainedaboutherself, "I'm not really naughty, I''m just drawn that way." You can decide for yourself if you are naughty or not in these stunning red heels.

2. Tom Hanks as "The Man with One Red Shoe"- This poster actually won awards for its 'basic simplicity of design while combining high visual interest." Wow! What a statement to make about red athletic shoes! Naturally, in the movie Tom Hanks created quite an international stir as he was mistaken to me a clandestine agent with his signature single red shoe (this was a great comedy, that still holds laughs in this modern hour)  3. The Famous Ruby Slippers of The Wizard of Oz- Dorothy got fromWicked Witchafter dropping her house on the old bitty; and everybody wanted those Ruby Shoes. (And incidentally we have them here at Cute Red Shoes- only in SEXY)  4. There was a great old movie called "The Red Shoes" (1948)which was remade in 1999 and again on DVD in 2010. Much of the original story line made its way into the popular movie "Black Swan" with Natalie Portman. Continue reading