Some Cool Heels to Celebrate the Royal Birthday Boy of Kate and William. British Flag Shoes are sexy and fun.

< Here are some amazing shoes to celebrate the royal baby boy. These shoes are fun and oh-so-sexy hot.

The celebration of the British birthday boy is a joyful occassion. Let all your friends that you are absolutely committed to your celebration of the new prince.

I enjoy writing and I often have fun and interesting female leads in my many best-selling books. I keep my writing fresh and my model photography awesome by finding these kind of unique shoes.

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Valentine’s Red Heels with Cute Hearts

Valentine's Day is both hot, cool and for some a bit Gothic. Here's a pair of black heels with red hearts. I like these because they have a slightly mysterious image of Valentine's Day Romance.




These functions - or any combination - make both a woman character interesting in a novel, or just as interesting in real life.

5 1/2 Inch Sexy Red Shoes Stilettos with clear Low Platform and heel

Mmmm.... shoes....

Mmmm..Mmmm..Mmmmm... stilettos

Sometimes its good to walk around above it all. These stilettos lift a woman up high (where some philosophers might argue women belong anyway).

And once above the earth, the toe-sies are wrapped in lush red goodness that makes a woman sexy, sleek and powerful.

These are not your everyday stilettos! Well, perhaps there is no such thing as everyday stilettos. Still, these are hot to the power of stiletto hotness.

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