Accelerated Withdraw from Afghanistan War. Not soon enough. Here is the war clock as of January 11, 2013

My comments on our 'accelerated withdraw from Afghanistan':

Immediately is not soon enough.
Soldiers Lost: 2,083...
Soldiers Wounded: 23,500+...
Taxpayer Cost: $601780133410 ...
Years Lost: 11 Years 3 months 4 days
BENEFIT TO AMERICA = NOTHING after we defeated the Taliban 10 years ago.

The 2012 Bibliography of Best Selling Books by Stephen Paul West

A bibliography to keep track of where my books are released. Ranks in various charts for the year. This gives me a future direction for January 2013. (I hope those Mayan's and Crop Circles are wrong! *grin*)


  1. Kwenda Women Lost in War: #14 in Biography: Kindle $5.75 Paperback $14.95 (not yet in B&N, iBook, Others)
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Abraham Lincoln Depression Hunter

"I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better I cannot tell; I awfully forebode I shall not; To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better." - Abraham Lincoln lettertoJohn Stuart January 23, 1841
Has depression come to visit your heart and now it just won't leave? The surprising answer to banishing depression is found in the very symptoms you display. If you want to cure your depression you must first understand your symptoms. Continue reading