Perhaps Multi-Tasking is a failure mode and not a success mode.

So, I just had a thought that contradicts modern sociatal norms:

Is multi-tasking truly a valuable work skill? Or life skill?

Perhaps modern society's fixation on being a 'good multi-tasker' is a bad idea. How many unfinished books do you have in your house? How many 1/2 done projects in your life? After a while multi-tasking just become a life filled with bits and pieces, like so much flotsam and jetsam from trying to ship too much, too fast and too unsafely.

We love to watch the Olympics because the athletes are the BEST at something - often just one solitary thing.

Maybe the idea of 'multi-tasking' should be rethought? Maybe it is a liability for happiness and success?

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A new guy message to old Kos Diarists about Hazing

Stephen Paul West carrying around a Christmas tree
I can be friendly. See?
Ok. I'm a new guy here. Yesterday, I wrote a diary that was not to everybody's taste.

To those who offered sincere links and insight to help me integrate with the culture of this particular community, I say thank you.

To those who treated me like a frat boy hazing, you should be ashamed; and I’m calling you out.

There is a sickness in human psyche that makes entrenched people pick at a new person to humiliate and denigrate. (It is called a pecking order for a reason).

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How do I release my anger, without hurting anyone?

Anger is huge component of human history. It is widely taught in modern society that anger is 'wrong', 'shameful' or 'childish'.

The fact is that anger is often righteous, as the Bible says. However, knowing when to be angry and how to direct that anger towards a solution is difficult. A reader asked an important question about how to manage anger in a family situation.


I....have a few family issues. And, I find my self with a LOT of pent up anger quite often. If someone could tell me how to release it (Without crying) I think i'd owe you my life.

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Best Selling Books to Move a Soul

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The meaning of the elections for the GOP and life in general.

I'm a white, male - perfect demographic for the GOP - the GOP alienates me as well. Concern for America's social well-being transcends just minorities and liberals. What happened to the party of Lincoln; that party that championed social issues once upon a time? So, if the GOP wants my vote again this is what I want:

  1. The GOP must purge itself of bullies, tyrants and loud-mouths. I will not vote for any politician until they are reasonable, giving and just.
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