Tea Party Infighting Comes Together to Harm ACA

Some may point out the in-fighting between Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and Grover Norquist, and other Tea Party bigots. They are certainly snarky with each other –– but only when each one gets MORE national coverage than the next.

These are vindictive, tiny-minded, narcissists.

They will always behave like vindictive, tiny-minded, narcissists.

Like all diagnosed narcissist they rage at each other when one gets more attention. However, just like little drops of toxic mercury they will snap back together when good things push them around.

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Strange Facts of Scotland and Women’s Deepest Desires.

As an author of best-selling chic-lit, I'm always researching details of my favorite subject - the hearts and minds of women.

And, daily I'm always stunned by some interesting detail. I found two amazing facts today:

1. The mythology of Scotland tells the story that the nation was founded by and EGYPTIAN princess named Scota (thus the name). Wait? What? I would never have put the two cultures together, but especially not the idea that Scotland was founded by a Daughter of Egypt. Perhaps this does explain the 'Pictish Dragon' that covers the Isle.

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