Question and Answer Corner on Back Injury – Today its about college sports.

So, "Seattle Sports" asked a question about playing basketball with back injury:

"Should I workout/play basketball with a lumbar spine injury? So I've asked this question before... but I'm going to add to it. I have had bad Lumbar spine pain the past month and a half. I get numb toes, and leg pain and a burning sensation. It also hurts due to sciatica.

Here's the deal. I am going to the Dr. on Feb 10 and at that point we will come up with a treatment plan.

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Michele Bachmann. Not the mouthpiece but receptacle of the Tea Party

Pirate of Politics the Tea Party Caucus
I really want a balanced budget. I want responsible government.

However, I am not allowed to drive to Washington and take the Capital by force of blackmail.

I have to play by the rules.

Those rules are called LAW.

Affordable Care Act is already LAW.

However, Michele Bachmann and about 49 pirates (who worship a lobbyists named Grover Norquist, even if they all fuss at each other) actually had a little experiment in hijacking political systems earlier. These thugs managed to steal the Republican Party about a year before the Federal shutdown.

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Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown, BlackMail of Lady Liberty

Do you want to understand the secret power behind the Federal Shutdown? Well, there is one, but be prepared to be disappointed at the ridiculous Oz behind the curtain.

Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown is both political satire and also one of the deepest analyses of what went wrong with the Federal Shutdown. It is a fun and breezy read, and carefully hides a lot of knowledge betwixt the humor.

The mighty United States of America brought to a halt by a zealous group with a narrow agenda of absolute control. Is this a plot for a new conspiracy movie? Is this the act of foreign terrorists?

No. Sigh… it is the act of Michele Bachmann and 49 others to extort the nation into obeying the edict of the Tea Party Caucus.

Good political satire is satisfying and exposing of naked truths. And, nothing is more naked than the ‘truths’ that Grover Norquist wants to teach the nation. He is simply using his favorite puppet – Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party as a smoke screen to punish us all.

If you want to know the REAL reason for the Federal shutdown, this books has the crop-circles of reality. The single little circle of vindictive control is in the shape of a lobbyist’s head. Grover Norquist is that tiny crop-circle. No aliens, terrorists or conspiracy required to shut down the Federal Government. Just ego and dimwitted oppression.

Can’t we all agree to just throw away this twisted, ugly, uptight little pirate called Norquist? Lady Liberty should never be blackmailed into a narrow, non-functional solution as dictated by a lobbyist.

SharePoint QuickLaunch Modification and How To use Content Editor Web Part.

Let's say you want to make a change to the QuickLaunch menu for a single page on your SharePoint site. This sounds complex right? Well, it is as complex as you want to make the job.

However, for one-off changes to the content of a SharePoint page you can add a "Content Editor WebPart". You can find the "Content Editor" in the webparts screen. The Content Editor lets you add HTML into a page.

Site Actions --> Edit Page --> Insert --> Web Part

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Comments on suicide and killing yourself quickly.

I recently answered a question from a reader who said something very concerning:

I am writing a book and looking to find a way to have one of the characters kill themselves, but I am horrible at writing "person in vast amounts of pain" views.

Perhaps the individual was writing a book, but it is also possible they were doing personal research on their own dark thoughts. Self-harm is no trifling matter, and I mixed my reply with the possibility it was just writers research, or the possibility of suicide. My reply:

The fictional story Jurassic Park used dinosaurs as a quick way to die.

But I'm not certain you want that kind of fiction. If I could recommend a great best-seller on helping cure depression, "Depression Symptoms Decoded"

Here's and excerpt from that book:

"Dark thoughts are very common, and most likely universal, so I’m certain I have a fairly large audience as I continue.

“The survey of 3,010 people over [the age of] 15 years old found (2.6%) subjects reported suicidal ideation in the past two weeks. “

The survey shows that nearly 3% of people have harmful thoughts within the last two weeks. This was a survey of a general population, so its 3% of everybody. That’s a lot of people.

The core of all dark thoughts comes from not feeling safe – specifically in not feeling safe from pain. If we can make a safe place from pain, then we are free from violent ideations.

If you remove the fear, pain, and anxiety from our lives; our brain will refocus on lighter thoughts automatically. Too often we try to banish the thoughts without respect to the banishing the pain. This is the proverbial cart before the horse."

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