SharePoint QuickLaunch Modification and How To use Content Editor Web Part.

Let's say you want to make a change to the QuickLaunch menu for a single page on your SharePoint site. This sounds complex right? Well, it is as complex as you want to make the job.

However, for one-off changes to the content of a SharePoint page you can add a "Content Editor WebPart". You can find the "Content Editor" in the webparts screen. The Content Editor lets you add HTML into a page.

Site Actions --> Edit Page --> Insert --> Web Part

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A Message from the Good People at RehabInfo.Net


I came across this page of your site: and I noticed that you are providing resources for individuals seeking mental health resources. As I'm sure you know, substance abuse is an incredibly common co-occuring problem among those with mental illness.

If I may have just a moment of your time I wanted to suggest our site for addition to this page: RehabInfo.Net

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