Comments on suicide and killing yourself quickly.

I recently answered a question from a reader who said something very concerning:

I am writing a book and looking to find a way to have one of the characters kill themselves, but I am horrible at writing "person in vast amounts of pain" views.

Perhaps the individual was writing a book, but it is also possible they were doing personal research on their own dark thoughts. Self-harm is no trifling matter, and I mixed my reply with the possibility it was just writers research, or the possibility of suicide. My reply:

The fictional story Jurassic Park used dinosaurs as a quick way to die.

But I'm not certain you want that kind of fiction. If I could recommend a great best-seller on helping cure depression, "Depression Symptoms Decoded"

Here's and excerpt from that book:

"Dark thoughts are very common, and most likely universal, so I’m certain I have a fairly large audience as I continue.

“The survey of 3,010 people over [the age of] 15 years old found (2.6%) subjects reported suicidal ideation in the past two weeks. “

The survey shows that nearly 3% of people have harmful thoughts within the last two weeks. This was a survey of a general population, so its 3% of everybody. That’s a lot of people.

The core of all dark thoughts comes from not feeling safe – specifically in not feeling safe from pain. If we can make a safe place from pain, then we are free from violent ideations.

If you remove the fear, pain, and anxiety from our lives; our brain will refocus on lighter thoughts automatically. Too often we try to banish the thoughts without respect to the banishing the pain. This is the proverbial cart before the horse."

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What is remarriage after a divorce.

What is remarriage after a divorce? This is a wonderful, scary, heart-breaking and joyful question to ask.

Divorce is often said to be even harder than death. It certainly has the factors of rejection, fighting and conflict that make is so damaging. Some people carry the cuts and hurts of a divorce around forever inside.
Sometimes, it is very much as if the Goyte Song, "Didn't Have To Cut Me Out", becomes a permanent anthem of a divorced person. In fact, it will takes an epiphony moment to finally to put the pain of a failed relationship behind us - and move forward into a new, happier moment in their life.

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Wounded Soldiers Sometimes Dodge Traumatic Brain Injury Screening to Stay Active Combat.

Modern tools of Analytical Psychology must reflect a necessary flexibility. Carl Jung developed a view of human behavior that indicated some predictability in human preferences. During WWII, this was expanded upon by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers in the hopes of best matching women workers to a job.

Subsequently, the Myers-Briggs test has grown to become the largest personality test in the world. It is used extensively by business to identify communication styles and relationship needs.

The idea is that once a person has knowledge of their personality style, they have a superior mastery of their work environment.Myers-Briggs helps a person discover themselves -- a self diagnostic tool. It doesn't magically pick the best job field for a person (as originally proposed in the 1940s).

Compared to Myers-Briggs, a more clinically refined tool was necessary for evaluating traumatic brain injuries (TBI). For example, in the real world of combat injuries the US Military has a field test for TBI.

Some soldiers who don't want to be removed from the field have learned the proper

Does a person weep because of depression? Or, to heal FROM depression?

My single day costs for being run over was over $38,000 -- and rapidly climbed to over $88,000 in a single week. Financial pressure just adds to the bitterness of depression. My work is inexpensive anddoesn'tcrush you beneath a mountain of expenses. I truly understand sorrow and depression. I am truly interested in helping you! By using Depression Symptoms Decoded After Injury you will empower yourself to rapidly understand all your healing needs. This is both life-saving and inexpensive. However, let me ask: Does the body weep to be depressed, or to be healed of depression?Did the light turn on? Do you see the major difference in the approach to your symptoms of depression? Would the human body waste time on doing something that served NO purpose in preserving the organism?I want you to get happy. I don't want your symptoms to be part of the mystery of your depression. Your symptoms are pointing you towards healing. I know you will find your path of happiness