Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown, BlackMail of Lady Liberty

Do you want to understand the secret power behind the Federal Shutdown? Well, there is one, but be prepared to be disappointed at the ridiculous Oz behind the curtain.

Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown is both political satire and also one of the deepest analyses of what went wrong with the Federal Shutdown. It is a fun and breezy read, and carefully hides a lot of knowledge betwixt the humor.

The mighty United States of America brought to a halt by a zealous group with a narrow agenda of absolute control. Is this a plot for a new conspiracy movie? Is this the act of foreign terrorists?

No. Sigh… it is the act of Michele Bachmann and 49 others to extort the nation into obeying the edict of the Tea Party Caucus.

Good political satire is satisfying and exposing of naked truths. And, nothing is more naked than the ‘truths’ that Grover Norquist wants to teach the nation. He is simply using his favorite puppet – Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party as a smoke screen to punish us all.

If you want to know the REAL reason for the Federal shutdown, this books has the crop-circles of reality. The single little circle of vindictive control is in the shape of a lobbyist’s head. Grover Norquist is that tiny crop-circle. No aliens, terrorists or conspiracy required to shut down the Federal Government. Just ego and dimwitted oppression.

Can’t we all agree to just throw away this twisted, ugly, uptight little pirate called Norquist? Lady Liberty should never be blackmailed into a narrow, non-functional solution as dictated by a lobbyist.

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Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be President

I squeezed in a very funny political satire over the weekend. It really is well research for a small work (about 50 pages)

Grover Norquist - The Fool Who Would Be King is a breezy, enjoyable read about a timely and pressing issue. Mainly the undue influence that a single lobbyist can have over a political party.

Certainly, the 'fiscal cliff' and political gridlock in Washington can be traced directly bact to Lobbyist Grover Norquist. How did this happen? How could a single man put a strangle hold on Lady Liberty's neck?

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Making a great back cover for political satire.

Books have a flavor. I write a wide variety of genres such as paranormal, Victorian adventure, young adult, biographical fiction and non-fiction. Each book requires its own, appropriate font and back cover. As an author you have to work harder on the back cover than even on writing the book itself. People will only glance at the back and decide in mere seconds if its for them.

The approach is working as the work is already #12 in Politics>Democracy. Naturally, after the election the book may fall to zero sales. But if Mitt is elected my book would sell for the next four years. Now THIS is a quandary.

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Mitt Romney Too Weird To Be President is rocketing up the charts.

My new political satire "Mitt Romney really is too weird to be President" is moving up the charts. Released yesterday it is already #41 in Non-fiction Politics today.
It's also available at Apple, Barnes and Noble, and dozens of other outlets via Shocking Press Publications at Smashwords. For other non-Kindle formats just follow this link. "Mitt Romney Too Weird in other formats"
This quick read takes a hilarious, satirical and informative romp through the mind of this Presidential wanna-be.
There is something afoul with Mitt when Hitler ends up in heaven, Afro-American's are thought to be cursed by Cain (and really how many minority members does Mitt Romney have? I can count them on one hand even if four fingers are cut off); Women give men power with God by having kids;and a half dozen kooky ideas that form the vows of this HIGH PRIEST of MORMONISM
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