Candy Crush Level 33 Tricks to Win.

Candy Crush broke my heart on level 33. Broke it... sniff... good thing I had a sultry book to calm my nerves.

I finally won this tortuous level #33 of Candy Crush.

I did this without purchasing any thing.

I won without any power candies, except those I made in the level by connecting 4 in a row.

Here are my tricks in brief.These only work on a cell phone and not on a computer.

1. Hit play and select the level 33 but DON'T TOUCH A SINGLE CANDY.

2. Look it over closely. Does it have 2 immediate possibility of 4 in a row?

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The Peace of Gaza is a wild alternate history that will stun readers with its power

Peace in Gaza. Shocking. Stunning and Beautiful. This is the most powerful story of our time. Prepare to be touched to your core.

Three souls wander the very place where twenty years earlier the world was ending. An alternate history twenty-years from today. Peace dwells in Gaza City. In this history three participants of the Gaza Strip discover that peace comes only with sacrifice.

The Peace of Gaza Available in all formats (Apple,Kindle, mobi, Nook,etc) for $3.99

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