Secessionists and Infantile Behavior in Adults in America.

Just like a toddler holding its breath in tantrum - these secessionist sign something they know is meaningless. They just want to throw an adult tantrum If they REALLY want to quit America - just quit. Go to Mexico and live. Its an easy drive and doesn't take much money.

"By all Men Good & True, that, by his damnable Role in seeking to ASSASSINATE our waxing Nation much in the Manner of the Out Rages attempt’d against young Queen Elizabeth;

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Top Five Celebrities Who Love To Get Remarried

When people think multiple marriages, they almost always think Elizabeth Taylor. She might have been married many times, but there are others who seem true romantics at heart.

In our favorite list of 'five celebs who remarry' we instead selected stars who have mastered personal struggles to find love again (and again). In fact, these celebs are redeeming because of their flaws. Flaws let us all understand that love is a journey, and not regimented fairy-tale perfection. There are many celebrities who cannot resist the call of getting married a second time - and a third - and a fourth - but these in our list were all chosen because they learned something from each marriage, and perhaps their growth can help us all to improve.

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