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Stephen Paul West Advertising

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Best-Selling books include:

The Peace Of Gaza (#2 in War and Peace)

Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be King – a satire placing no. 2 in politics

Depression Symptoms Decoded (best selling self-help to cure depression)

Mitt Romney Too Weird To Be President – a satire placing# 12 in politics

Kwenda – Women Slaves Of War (best selling biographical fiction in women’s issue)

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom (#38 in Paranormal Thrillers)

Best-Selling author of fiction and self-help books, Stephen Paul West, is an Austin artist offering stunning fine art prints.

Bright, vibrant and full of life to fill every decor with a bold celebration of life.Stephen Paul specializes in indie art and fashion, and prefers to present his work in photo narrative format – this means a story is told in the picture.

From beautiful to fanciful these prints are made for the brave and the bold of heart.You can visit his author’s profile at Author Stephen Paul West Stephen Paul West Best Selling Books

Making a great back cover for political satire.

Books have a flavor. I write a wide variety of genres such as paranormal, Victorian adventure, young adult, biographical fiction and non-fiction. Each book requires its own, appropriate font and back cover. As an author you have to work harder on the back cover than even on writing the book itself. People will only glance at the back and decide in mere seconds if its for them.

The approach is working as the work is already #12 in Politics>Democracy. Naturally, after the election the book may fall to zero sales. But if Mitt is elected my book would sell for the next four years. Now THIS is a quandary.

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