In aqua zumba are water shoes the same thing as river shoes?

I had a question:

My question is, is water shoes the same thing as what we Southerns call "river shoes?" or do I have to order something different? From what I can tell on the website they look just like river shoes. Thanks in advance.

My reply:

Hah. I'm from Texas and river shoes are old tennis shoes we use when wading the Guadalupe!

My wife likes Totally Hot Shoes Co. because it let her search for anything. When I searched for either term it seemed to mean the same thing.
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Women dressing in men’s boots.

I shoot a lot of grunge and indie photo-work.

Sometimes men's boots and shoes are perfect for a female look. There is some discussion on conversion of size. Well, we all know its best to actually try something on, but size conversion can be estimated pretty good.

One shopper writes: I do not know what size will be correct for women. I wear a size 10 1/2 in women's (US Sizing) , but prefer to buy size 11 shoes. Mostly men's sizes are two sizes lower than women's, so I chose men's size 9, but I want to be sure before I buy them. Thanks!

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Teen shoe stores that sell cute shoes cheap for a brand new school year?

Teen shoe stores that sell cute shoes cheap?

I already know about Urbanog & Charlotte russe. I'm trying to find a store that sells cute shoes cheap for this school year btw im a JR.
But yesterday I found a perfect and awesome shoe boutique online.
The largest shoe boutique in the world is Totally Hot Shoes. You can search on anything my name or description. It is 5 shoe boutiques under one website. You'll like it.
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Which websites or stores that have cheap petite women’s shoes?

Which websites or stores that have cheap petite women's shoes?

Okay, so I am like a size 3/4, And I really want to buy some heels (I am 4'9" tall). Problem is, I can't find any anywhere! And whenever I do find some, they are super pricey! Like $80 and up! The only heels I can fit into are wedge sneakers, and that's only because I wear really thick socks. Please help! I hate being small :(

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The best shoe boutique is

Just type in "Petite" to find thousands of small size heels. Here's something I found right away.…
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Some Cool Heels to Celebrate the Royal Birthday Boy of Kate and William. British Flag Shoes are sexy and fun.

< Here are some amazing shoes to celebrate the royal baby boy. These shoes are fun and oh-so-sexy hot.

The celebration of the British birthday boy is a joyful occassion. Let all your friends that you are absolutely committed to your celebration of the new prince.

I enjoy writing and I often have fun and interesting female leads in my many best-selling books. I keep my writing fresh and my model photography awesome by finding these kind of unique shoes.

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