In aqua zumba are water shoes the same thing as river shoes?

I had a question:

My question is, is water shoes the same thing as what we Southerns call "river shoes?" or do I have to order something different? From what I can tell on the website they look just like river shoes. Thanks in advance.

My reply:

Hah. I'm from Texas and river shoes are old tennis shoes we use when wading the Guadalupe!

My wife likes Totally Hot Shoes Co. because it let her search for anything. When I searched for either term it seemed to mean the same thing.
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Chronic back pain? Causes? Solutions?

A reader seeks to find an answer to the chronic back pain. The answer is often something called fatigue. Read on to learn more about this debilitating problem:

A readers writes:

"Chronic back pain? Causes? Solutions?

So, I've been suffering from back pain for almost three years, but nothing major. In the past six months, however, it has worsened considerably. I wake up in the middle of the night because of it; when I cough I can feel it in my back; it stops me from enjoying some things.
The problem is that it isn't limited to any specific part of my back. All along my spine from in between my shoulder blades down to my tail bone all along both sides of my spine, it hurts. Recently, it has mostly been in the middle of my back. I went to my family physician and got several blood tests and three x-rays done.
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A reader writes, What’s wrong with me? my head? I’m a 18 year old university student who can’t think anymore…

Recently, a reader asked a question:

What's wrong with me? my head?

I'm currently 18 years old and a university student. Recently I realized that something has been going on in my head that is making me unable to think clearly. This week, the symptoms have been getting worse. I'm an "A" student, however a couple days ago I failed an exam that I should have gotten an "A" on because I just couldn't bring myself to concentrate during my exam. For the past couple of days I've had a slight but constant headache. Just now, I took a piece of gum out of the pack and instead of throwing away the wrapper, I threw away the whole pack of gum without realizing until came back to my room and found my whole pack of gum in the garbage. These small instances of inattentiveness have been happening to me more and more recently, which is odd because I'm usually on top of everything, well organized, and clear minded. I've never taken illegal drugs ever in my life, nor have I not been getting less sleep than usual (6-7 hours). All I know is that I was incredibly stressed the past couple of weeks because I had a lot on my schedule. Could that have anything to do with it? Thanks for your time.
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Question on bad lower back pain with kidney infection.

As, I've written in the past, injury and illness, add to other issues for an individual. When one ailment multiplies another issue it is called 'comorbidity'.

So a question was asked:

Really bad lower back pain, kidney infection?

Ok so in the past year I have had around 10 kidney infections! and I currently have the pain now. The doctor has diagnosed it a few times and now I just use the 'trimethoprim' when I get the symptoms as I know that it's a kidney infection. Can this be a sign of something like kidney stones or something? What can be done? why is it caused? It's a constant flank pain in my lower back and abdomen, today I thought it were period pains but its not and I'm in absolute agony! can someone please help me or advise me?!!
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Secessionists and Infantile Behavior in Adults in America.

Just like a toddler holding its breath in tantrum - these secessionist sign something they know is meaningless. They just want to throw an adult tantrum If they REALLY want to quit America - just quit. Go to Mexico and live. Its an easy drive and doesn't take much money.

"By all Men Good & True, that, by his damnable Role in seeking to ASSASSINATE our waxing Nation much in the Manner of the Out Rages attempt’d against young Queen Elizabeth;

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