Cute Red Shoes for Fashion and Model Photography!

I often do fashion and model photography, as well as write. I find being a multi-dimensional artist helps reach more friends and fans.

For example, when I shoot something like the Republic of Texas Motorcycle rally, or Eeyore's Birthday Party, I get literally several THOUSAND visitors to my site. I setup various ads for my books. This creative photography work helps me energize my novels as well as satisfies that visual art component of my psyche.

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Depression doesn’t just magically go away – advice is not a cure

Depression Symptoms Decoded People will stop bleeding eventually, but something lingers of that wound always and forever in the person. So, injured people are stuck with the situation that causes thedepression.They cannot change the moment in time which precipitated the loss. Instead, they must change their approach if they want to defeat depression. That's what my work teaches. It will teach you to analyze your symptoms and formulate a successful plan of recovery. The application of my approach requires the individual reader to explore and identify their symptoms. It requires you to heal yourself. Continue reading

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom


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Craving something new and sophisticated in the vampire genre? Well, you just found it. Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom series will give you a glimpseintovampire culture that you have not yet considered.


Explore something fresh and new, in a genre you love!In the first years of the reign of Victoria, a vampire kidnaps an infant girl from the dirty streets of London. For fifteen years she is held an unknowing prisoner by the captor she calls ‘father’.Based roughly on the complex secret societies that practice vampyre rites across Victorian England in the 1800’s. This is a terror more real than childhood stories. It is the Gothic vampire story reborn!She escapes before her 16th birthday, which was to be her last. Every step for Emily Black is on the broken shards of death. Her survival is based only upon her strength, intelligence and passion of her heart.Now the spiteful killer hunts her every step on the street so London. Marquess Alyn Black is a vampire like you’ve never experienced. Earthy, mortal and human – but with all the ritual and devotion of any vampire folklore. Discover a brand new vampire genre – a dark history that reaches back to the Strigoi of ancient Rome. Embrace genuine vampire horror in book one of a four-part saga.

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