I need help with my stress and depressions.

A reader asked a serious question:

I need help with my stress and depressions.

"i hate myself now because i'm a failure. i'm always stressed out i've started to cut myself recently.
my friends and my girlfriend are in the marching band so i feel left out. You: also i cant make my girlfriend *** and she never returns the favor

i need someone to talk to and i need ideas to deal with my stress. everything i do makes it worse" [sic]
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Best-Selling Book on Sciatica Cure still on the charts in medical books

I have a best seller in Medical Books. Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain, has been on the best seller list since April when I released the book.

I never thought I would place in medicine when I started writing. I published one book in 2011 (Blood and Venom), and six books in 2012.

Only 2 books so far this year, but one best-seller in a genre I never dreamed when I started.

The joy is sometimes in the journey an’ the path the cosmos provides beyond our conscious thought.
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Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Injury still in top 100 best sellers since April

< I'm checking the status of my recent books. My Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain is still in the top 100 since April!. This is really amazing. Tonight: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #47 in Kindle Store >Sports Medicine.

Most books only have about a 30 day window and then they are buried.

For Top 10 Cures for Sciatica to survive on the best-seller list for 14 weeks is amazing. I am getting very positive email from readers, that this book makes a difference for them. It is a great price on Kindle at $3.29; and the paperback is only $8.95. This is the most inexpensive and complete information you can get on sciatica. The book will make a difference for any back pain sufferer.

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The Power of Sacred Motherhood in Fiction and Art

I write novels about strong and powerful women. The women, however, are not ‘mannish’ in the slightest. These are women in charge of their femininity and understand the value and strength found in being ‘Woman’.

My novel “Women Lost In War” has a great synopsis on the back cover:

“A woman exists always, but a mother is made only the moment her baby is born.”

Certainly, I create strong, vibrant and beautiful female characters because that is what is within my heart. I like the feminine. This not in just an artistic, nor even simply as behavior just as a man, but rather as deep part of the balance of life. I find women compelling far beyond the crude fabric of sexuality.

Even Marylin Monroe and George Clooney fought depression

Abraham Lincoln was not alone in depression. You are not alone in depression. Royalty like King Solomon and Princess Diana; Movie Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Harrison Ford; Musicians like Beethoven andEninem;Painters like Jackson Pollock and Degas; Heads of State like Winston Churchill and our Mr. Lincoln; Authors like Hemmingway and J.K. Rowlings; even specialists in comedy like Chris Farley and David Letterman, comedians - those pools of mirth and merriment for us - are afflicted! Continue reading