How Many Tea Party Members to Screw in a Lightbulb?


How many Tea Party Caucus members does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Trick question. You have to deregulate utilities companies first, and then let the market decide a new standard for electricity. Then the electricity has to be sold by brokers. Also, the mandate for fluorescent lights needs to be repealed. Then and only then, will a Tea Party Caucus member have the maid change the light-bulb.

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Making an Excel tab – a worksheet – default open everytime for everybody in SharePoint.

I have a complex spreadsheet that I use to track security and accounts for Team Foundation Server. I created a worksheet that has a linkable index to all the other tabs. This sheet I named "Index"

The problem is the spreadsheet does not open on my Index tab, but whatever somebody opened and saved it as last time. I need the "Index" tab to be default.

Well, the problem is the order you create the tabs is the order they are named in the code of the Workbook. Renaming the tabs from Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. does not actually change the coded order.

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Antisemitism and the existance of the Jewish people

Most of the world will ask permission to exterminate the Jewish people. It is up to the Jewish people to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the polite and sinister requests.

Jewish Women Fighting in the Warsaw GhettoThere are no ‘hardline’ Jewish leaders. There are simply Jewish leaders who refuse to be killed by angry, bigoted and savage anti-Semites. Or, Jewish leaders stupidly allowing their own people to be setup for destruction.

Historical example: The Warsaw Ghetto saw 400,000 Jewish people ‘politely’ stuffed into a Ghetto. It saw only 2,000 fight. Modern Example: Israel wavering at first, and then not surrendering the Golan Heights. Israel must hold those Heights to protect itself from easy missile and artillary attacks from Syria.Every request for Israel to ‘give up’ something, is simply a tactical move by Antisemitist to ultimate wipe the Jewish people from the face of the earth. It is up to men like Netanyahu to always say ‘no’ in order to protect his citizens.”The Peace of Gaza” is a best selling novel that explorers an alternate history with peace in the Middle East. The short story of about 50 pages paints an amazing and vibrant possibility of true and lasting peace. I make no apologies for the strong message. The survival of any people is a story of strong (or weak) messages, that transform into survival or death.

Wounded Soldiers Sometimes Dodge Traumatic Brain Injury Screening to Stay Active Combat.

Modern tools of Analytical Psychology must reflect a necessary flexibility. Carl Jung developed a view of human behavior that indicated some predictability in human preferences. During WWII, this was expanded upon by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers in the hopes of best matching women workers to a job.

Subsequently, the Myers-Briggs test has grown to become the largest personality test in the world. It is used extensively by business to identify communication styles and relationship needs.

The idea is that once a person has knowledge of their personality style, they have a superior mastery of their work environment.Myers-Briggs helps a person discover themselves -- a self diagnostic tool. It doesn't magically pick the best job field for a person (as originally proposed in the 1940s).

Compared to Myers-Briggs, a more clinically refined tool was necessary for evaluating traumatic brain injuries (TBI). For example, in the real world of combat injuries the US Military has a field test for TBI.

Some soldiers who don't want to be removed from the field have learned the proper

You can be happy again after depression if you learn the secrets of your depression symptoms


You can be happy again after depression

Happiness is yours.

"Depression Symptoms Decoded After Injury" is a skill builder to find happiness again even while boldly facing the reality of your depression. People demonstrate their deeply repressed personal needsintheir individualized symptoms of depression.

Yet, society (including doctors) carelessly lump every symptom of depression beneath the same dark umbrella.

The key to a healing path is found in understanding the symptoms that you utilize when you are sad. This book will teach you how to understand your own depression symptoms and therefore you will find a path for finding happiness."

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