Accelerated Withdraw from Afghanistan War. Not soon enough. Here is the war clock as of January 11, 2013

My comments on our 'accelerated withdraw from Afghanistan':

Immediately is not soon enough.
Soldiers Lost: 2,083...
Soldiers Wounded: 23,500+...
Taxpayer Cost: $601780133410 ...
Years Lost: 11 Years 3 months 4 days
BENEFIT TO AMERICA = NOTHING after we defeated the Taliban 10 years ago.

Internet Discussion of Israel Right of Existence.

Recently, I was in an internet discussion about Jewish existence in the Judea area of the Middle East. The discussion revealed deep seated errors in popular thinking as well as a clear AntiSemetic slant. I am posting the conversations below in entirety (minus any vulgarity).

This thread was in reply to the Reuters article Israel’s ex-security chief says Netanyahu wavering and weak:

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Kwenda Women Slaves of War is still on best-sellers list after 9 weeks!

My biographical fiction "Kwenda" is still selling briskly on non-fiction, global politics. More than NINE weeks in the top 100!     This story is the ultimate portrait of motherhoodandthestrugglewomen make during war just to protect their children.   I am pleased with its success and feel it is perhaps my finest work.   I am grateful to all my readers and hope this books puts a compelling love into your day. Stephen Paul West