Women dressing in men’s boots.

I shoot a lot of grunge and indie photo-work.

Sometimes men's boots and shoes are perfect for a female look. There is some discussion on conversion of size. Well, we all know its best to actually try something on, but size conversion can be estimated pretty good.

One shopper writes: I do not know what size will be correct for women. I wear a size 10 1/2 in women's (US Sizing) , but prefer to buy size 11 shoes. Mostly men's sizes are two sizes lower than women's, so I chose men's size 9, but I want to be sure before I buy them. Thanks!

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Which websites or stores that have cheap petite women’s shoes?

Which websites or stores that have cheap petite women's shoes?

Okay, so I am like a size 3/4, And I really want to buy some heels (I am 4'9" tall). Problem is, I can't find any anywhere! And whenever I do find some, they are super pricey! Like $80 and up! The only heels I can fit into are wedge sneakers, and that's only because I wear really thick socks. Please help! I hate being small :(

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The best shoe boutique is http://www.totallyhotshoes.com

Just type in "Petite" to find thousands of small size heels. Here's something I found right away.

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Best Selling Books to Move a Soul

The Most Best Selling Auther You Never Heard Of

Stephen Paul West Advertising

—-Professional Bio—-
Best-Selling books include:

The Peace Of Gaza (#2 in War and Peace)

Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be King – a satire placing no. 2 in politics

Depression Symptoms Decoded (best selling self-help to cure depression)

Mitt Romney Too Weird To Be President – a satire placing# 12 in politics

Kwenda – Women Slaves Of War (best selling biographical fiction in women’s issue)

Rise of the Maiden – Blood and Venom (#38 in Paranormal Thrillers)

Best-Selling author of fiction and self-help books, Stephen Paul West, is an Austin artist offering stunning fine art prints.

Bright, vibrant and full of life to fill every decor with a bold celebration of life.Stephen Paul specializes in indie art and fashion, and prefers to present his work in photo narrative format – this means a story is told in the picture.

From beautiful to fanciful these prints are made for the brave and the bold of heart.You can visit his author’s profile at Author Stephen Paul West Stephen Paul West Best Selling Books

The Power of Sacred Motherhood in Fiction and Art

I write novels about strong and powerful women. The women, however, are not ‘mannish’ in the slightest. These are women in charge of their femininity and understand the value and strength found in being ‘Woman’.

My novel “Women Lost In War” has a great synopsis on the back cover:

“A woman exists always, but a mother is made only the moment her baby is born.”

Certainly, I create strong, vibrant and beautiful female characters because that is what is within my heart. I like the feminine. This not in just an artistic, nor even simply as behavior just as a man, but rather as deep part of the balance of life. I find women compelling far beyond the crude fabric of sexuality.

Strange Facts of Scotland and Women’s Deepest Desires.

As an author of best-selling chic-lit, I'm always researching details of my favorite subject - the hearts and minds of women.

And, daily I'm always stunned by some interesting detail. I found two amazing facts today:

1. The mythology of Scotland tells the story that the nation was founded by and EGYPTIAN princess named Scota (thus the name). Wait? What? I would never have put the two cultures together, but especially not the idea that Scotland was founded by a Daughter of Egypt. Perhaps this does explain the 'Pictish Dragon' that covers the Isle.

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